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Gawler Show 2023 Induction


The following induction covers general safety procedures of the Gawler A, H & F Society (GAH&FS), and is aimed at workers, exhibitors and volunteers, working onsite at the Gawler Show 2023.
Should you require more information please contact the Show Office on 8523 1477


All Personnel must abide by their own organisational WHS Policies and Procedures and where relevant the GAH&FS Work Health & Safety Policies as well as general venue safety rules whilst working onsite.
Work must be carried out to requirements of the Work Health & Safety Act 2012 (SA), and Work Health Safety Regulations 2012 (SA) Approved Codes of Practice and any other relevant Acts, Regulations, Compliance Codes, Australian Standards.

Remember it is an offence under the act to expose anyone to danger.


The GAH&FS is committed to providing a safe environment for all its staff, volunteers, exhibitors, sponsors, traders, contractors and stakeholders working at the venue, as well as all of the visitors including the general public.


Act shall mean the WH&S Act 2012 (SA). 
Competent person shall mean a person who has acquired through training, qualifications or experience the knowledge and skills to carry out the task. 
Personnel shall mean all Staff, Contractors, Consultants, Sponsors, Volunteers, Traders, Exhibitors etc. 
GAH&FS shall mean Gawler Agricultural, Horticultural & Floricultural Society Incorporated. 
Venue shall mean the Gawler Showground.
WHS shall mean Work Health & Safety. 
Hazardous substance is any substance, whether solid, liquid or gas, that may cause harm to your health. Hazardous substances are classified on the basis of their potential health effects, whether acute (immediate) or chronic (long-term). It does not include household domestic type chemicals used in a household manner. 
PPE means Personal Protective Equipment. 
Hazard is a source or situation that has the potential to injure or make a person ill.
Risk is the likelihood that a hazard will have a consequence of a negative nature.


No alterations shall be made to any existing structure on the site. Painting, driving of stakes or ground penetrations, and fixing to any permanent structures on site is prohibited without prior written agreement by GAH&FS. If in doubt, seek assistance from the President or Secretary prior to attaching, rigging or altering any structures on this site.


Animals (other than those participating in competitions or an exhibit) are not permitted in the venue without authorisation, with exception to accredited assistance or guide dogs which are permitted by law to enter the venue. Please keep clear of animals and animal waste.


Isolation barricades and safety warning signs should be used where there is a risk of unauthorised people entering hazardous areas or where machinery is in use (e.g. overhead lift work). Ensure that all safety signage is adhered to


Biological Hazards may be ingested, inhaled, absorbed or penetrate through skin and may include human body fluids, waste, sharps or first aid dressings. At no time attempt to pick up syringes, contact the Show Office on 08 8523 1477 and protect the immediate area.


Cleanliness and hygiene are essential. Good hygiene can prevent people becoming infected by germs including parasites, bacteria and viruses. Wash hands with soap and water after handling animals, before handling food, eating or smoking and after going to the toilet.


No alcohol beverages or illegal drugs may be brought onto, or consumed, prior to commencing work at the venue. Working under the influence of these substances is prohibited. Persons under the influence will be removed from the premises immediately.

The Gawler Show is an alcohol free zone with the exception of designated licensed areas.


• Do not use damaged electrical items and equipment
• Check electrical tag test is current. Extension cords or appliances not carrying current test tag are not to be used.
• Do not overload powerpoints or use double adaptors.
• Do not use electrical items in damp or wet conditions
• Use insulated ladders for electrical work
• Where applicable, Certificates of Compliance for all temporary structures are required including Amusement devices, generators etc.
• Only licensed electrical workers are to perform electrical installations
• All appliances shall be installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions


• Alert nearby workers
• Remove persons from immediate danger if safe to do so
• Raise Alarm and contact Emergency Services 000
• Notify Show Society 0427 056 307
• Move away from hazardous area and assist others to move away if safe to do so
• Await instructions to evacuate and control entry to affected areas
• In the event of an evacuation, all persons are to immediately evacuate away from the danger area by the nearest and safest route to a safe area.
• If further evacuation is required, remain calm and follow the instructions of GAH&FS authorised Staff and Emergency Services
• If required evacuate people through the nearest safe exit
• Contain fire by closing doors
• Extinguish fires and provide first aid if trained and safe to do so

Ensure everyone is accounted for and report missing persons to GAH&FS authorised Staff
or Emergency Services at the Assembly Point.


• Ensure Medical Care has been called and provide the following information:
• Exact location of Incident
• Is patient conscious?
• Is patient breathing?
• Nature of illness or injury
• Appropriate age and sex of patient

Report all incidents and accidents to the
Show Society on 0427 056 307


Any environmental spill or release of substances, which may contaminate the environment (particularly surrounding watercourses) must be contained and then reported to the GAH&FS immediately and if safe to do so.


Do not restrict access to fire exits, aisles, roads, entrances or similar egress and exit paths or access to fire appliances including extinguishers, fire hydrants or hose reels. Familiarise yourself and your workers with the nearest fire appliances, alarms, fire exits and emergency procedures. No refueling is permitted indoors.


General First Aid is available by contacting the Show Office on 8523 1477 during set up. During the Show operating hour's First Aid is available at the St John site in the Central Bitumen Area. In case of an emergency call 000 in the first instance.


If you see a hazard, please report it to your supervisor or the Show Society immediately on 0427 056 307. Accident Incident Report Forms are available from the Show Office


In the event of an incident the area may need to be secured and preventative measures put in place to stop further injury and/or damage. The Show Society must be notified on 0427 056 307 as soon as possible to initiate investigation and prompt remedial action


There must be NO VEHICLE movement from 8am until the 30 minutes after the closure of the Show for unauthorised vehicles. This is to ensure that all unnecessary vehicles are off site prior to the gates being opened to the public at 9am. The gates are NOT to be opened until 9am during the Show, no public are permitted entry prior to this time.


Ladders are to be suitable for industrial use with a minimum of 120kg rating and aluminium ladders are not permitted for electrical work.


• Ensure the ladder has no loose, damaged or missing parts
• Ensure the ladder is properly erected and secure
• Ensure the ladder projects at least 1 metre above landing
• Ensure the ladder is set at a correct angle or 75 degrees and is on firm ground
• One person one ladder
• Keep three (3) points of contact on the ladder at all times
• Always carry tools in a tool belt or similar and not in hands


All powered machinery to be operated by trained persons and where required, such persons hold the appropriate license or certifications. Proof of certification must be carried by operator at all times whilst operating plant. Smoking and the use of mobile phones whilst operating plant is prohibited


Personnel are required to obey all signs posted on or around the venue


Smoking is strictly prohibited in all structures, catered eating areas, toilet, marquees, stages, dressing rooms, undercover areas, public seating areas and areas where specific risks exist.


Vehicle registration, licensing and traffic laws apply at the Gawler Show. Vehicles MUST travel at a speed limit of no more than 10kph (walking pace) with hazard lights or flashing beacons operating during the event times whilst in the venue. Park only in allocated areas and marked parking bays. Do not block any access. Authorised vehicles only are permitted to move during operating hours (such as Emergency and Rubbish Removal).

All passengers must be restrained – no passengers are permitted in the backs of utes and trailers whilst moving


Weather conditions can be unpredictable and create risks. Ensure all temporary structures are securely weighted and installed to prevent objects becoming airborne during strong winds. Ensure all electrical appliances and leads are weather proofed to prevent the risk of electrocution. Keep a watch for sudden changes in the weather and move indoor during high wind storms or lightening.


The GAH&FS has zero tolerance to workplace harassment, violence and bullying. Any incidents are to be reported to the Show President immediately on 8523 1477
Workplace bullying is repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker/volunteer or a group of workers/volunteers that creates a risk to health and safety (including psychological). 

Repeated behaviour refers to the persistent nature of behaviour and can involve a range of behaviours over time.

Unreasonable behaviour means behaviour that a reasonable person, having considered the circumstances, would see as unreasonable, including behaviour that is victimising, humiliating, intimidating or threatening.

A single incident of unreasonable behaviour is not workplace bullying, however it may be repeated or escalate and so should not be ignored.


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