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26th & 27th August 2023
Tickets & Admission Charges

2022 Ticket Prices (Sat & Sun).


  • Adults – $18
  • Family (2 adults & 2 children under the age of 16) – $50
  • Concession – $15
  • Children under the age of 16 – $10
  • Children under the age of 5 – FREE


  • SPECIAL: Membership Ticket – $45 (no price change) 2 adults, 3 children 5-15 years.

Members receive their tickets in advance.

Admission fees must be paid before entering the grounds (including all exhibitors).

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We have partnered with Beyond Bank Australia here at Gawler to help raise money for the yearly running of The Gawler A.H. & F Society (Gawler Show).

The bank is 100% customer owned, which means they use their profits to benefit customers and their communities.

The partnership includes access to their Community Reward Banking Program which gives back over $600,000 each year to organisations like ours. And they offer exclusive benefits for show supporters and members too.

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for both Saturday & Sunday

  • Exhibitors at 7:00am
  • General Public at 9:00am.
Membership & Members

Membership- $45. Closes 19/8/2022
(includes a AGM rights and one foundation ticket  that admits 2 adults and up to 3 children 5-15 years).

Additional Tickets – $12 each
This price is for members only & must be pre-purchased with your Membership Application)

Click here to become a member.

The Gawler Agricultural, Horticultural & Floricultural Society always welcomes new members and appreciates any community involvement extended to the Gawler Show. Membership Application is available online or at the Show Office. Not all exhibitors need to be members of the Gawler A,H& F Society (but it is encouraged).

Infant feeding and changing facilities

Baby feeding and changing facilities are available to parents free of charge in the Sports & Recreation Centre.

Donations and Donors

The Society gratefully acknowledges the generous donation of trophies, vouchers, ribbons and prize money from businesses and individuals. Members are encouraged to give patronage to businesses supporting their society.

Gawler Rural Ambassador & Young Rural Ambassador Award

The Gawler Rural Ambassador winner and Young Rural Ambassador winner as well as all other entrants will be in attendance on both show days.

Exhibit Sections

Various section committees meet during September to December of each year to discuss schedules for the next show. If you have any suggestions or would like help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact the Gawler Show Office or the appropriate Section Convener.

Gawler Show Books

Gawler Show books are available from:
Gawler Show Office (Nixon Tce, Gawler)
In the Bunyip Newspaper 17/8/2022


Dogs only permitted on Show grounds with a Gawler Show Dog Permit and must be carried at all times. Seeing and Hearing Dogs exempt. For permit, please contact Gawler Show Office on 85231477

No BYO Alcohol and no drinking outside of licensed areas provided.

Smoking is restricted within 10m of all existing and temporary building structures on the Show Grounds

Management has the right to refuse entry or remove any parties displaying disorderly conduct at their own discretion

Banned Items

The following list of banned items has been provided by the Federal Council of Agricultural Societies and must be adhered to at all times during the Gawler Show:

  • Drug related goods (cocaine kits, bongs etc)
  • Explicit and hardcore related t-shirts
  • Fake cigarettes
  • Fireworks and crackers
  • Fuel type fire lighters (Zippo)
  • Horns & Trumpets
  • Knives (including pen knives – excluding appropriately packaged kitchenware sets)
  • Laser pointers
  • Metal and wooden Martial Art nunchakus
  • Playing cards or similar (nude or lurid)
  • Pressure pack snow
  • Pressure pack fart gas
  • Silly string
  • Stink bombs
  • Bouncing beans
  • Water bombs

Toy guns are acceptable, however any device that has a projectile is not.
This includes but is not limited to:

  • Ball bearing guns
  • Eight shot caps
  • pellet guns
  • pop downs, thrown downs
  • potato guns (bullet type)
  • rubber band guns
  • roll caps
  • strip caps
  • water pistols over 150mm (6″)

Samurai swords, English swords and Fencing swords are to be sold in sealed packages by licensed traders only.

General Conditions of entering an exhibit

Exhibitors are requested to read the Society’s regulations and specific conditions of each section entered.

All entrants have a duty of care to avoid situations which could lead to injuring themselves or other people. This duty of care extends to the prevention of damage of property.

Competitors must comply with any reasonable request or direction of Gawler Show officials.

Competitors should be familiar with emergency assembly points. Plans are available from the Show Office and Section Conveners. Fire fighting and other emergency equipment must not be removed or used for any other purpose. Missing or unserviceable equipment should be reported to the Gawler Show Office immediately.

Competitors must notify the Section Convener or Secretary immediately of any hazards detected. Hazards are situations that could result in; injury, illness or death to people or animals or damage/destruction of property.

All waste including liquids must be disposed of responsibly. Storm drains must not be used for the disposal of any waste whatsoever.

Show Society Regulations

All exhibits in horses sheep, poultry, pigeons, cattle, goats, birds etc. must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor.

All exhibits must not be removed until the close of the show except where otherwise listed.

All exhibitors must place their exhibits in the space allotted to them by the stewards, who are empowered to disqualify any exhibitor not complying with the regulations and conditions of the Society.

Exhibitors must affix the proper Entry label to exhibits where practice. Prize card colours are as follows: first – blue, second – red and third – green.

The judges are empowered to withhold prizes in any class where they deem the exhibits unworthy. They may award second and third prizes in lieu of first and second. In all cases the judge’s decision is final.

Any exhibit item not collected from the show Society within 7 days after the Show will be disposed of without notice.

The hours listed in each section for the receipt of entries and exhibits will be strictly adhered to.

All protests must be lodged in writing to the Secretary within 15 minutes of the completion of the last event on the day of the Show. In all cases the written protest must be lodged with a $30.00 deposit. This deposit will be forfeited to the Society should the protest not be upheld.

The disputes committee shall settle any disputes in relation to the regulations and it is a condition of entry that their decision shall be final. The disputes committee, whether any protest has been lodged or not, shall have the power to disqualify and person making any entry or exhibit, who, in their opinion, infringes any of the rules, regulations or conditions of the society. In the event of a disqualification any competitor/exhibitor will forfeit all claims for prize money, ribbons, prize cards etc.

Any exhibitor or attendant giving annoyance or using insulting language to the judge or official, shall be liable to have his or her exhibits disqualified and/ or be expelled from the grounds at the order of the Disputes Committee.

Exhibition Hall

No one is allowed in the exhibition building prior to 9:00 am other than exhibitors or stewards. The building shall be cleared at 5:00pm Sunday and all prize money will be paid via EFT.

All possible care will be taken with exhibits; however no responsibility will be incurred by the society. All exhibits are to be collected Sunday 5 pm to 6pm (with the exception of Photographs).

Trade Sites

Trade displays may be accepted on payment of the designated fee.

The Showmen’s Guild of S.A. has been granted sideshow rights, and owners of Sideshows must contact the Secretary of that Guild for space to exhibit. All sideshow Proprietors must carry adequate Public Liability Insurance. The society accepts no responsibility for any accident sustained on sideshows.

Products or material exhibited must not be offensive, sexist, racist etc. Material deemed offensive will be removed by Show Society Representatives.

No tents, booths or hawkers will be allowed on the grounds without permission of the executive committee or appointed officer, and any person on the grounds committing an unlawful incident will be prosecuted.

Perpetual Trophies

Any person who wishes to donate a perpetual trophy must supply a replica each year, and bear the cost of engraving both trophies. If replicas are not forthcoming, the original perpetual trophy will automatically become the property of the society.

Special Note

Whilst every care has been exercised in the compilation of this document, the Committee will not hold itself responsible for any errors or emissions therein, and reserves the right, should it be deemed necessary, to amend the order of the running of any events.

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